Edmonton Real Estate Appraisers

Our team of real estate appraisers and reserve fund planners has provided Edmonton and surrounding areas with accurate and reliable appraisals and reserve fund studies for nearly 20 years. Whether you’re a property owner, lender, lawyer, or condominium board member, we’re here to help you make informed decisions about your property.

At HarrisonBowker, we can consult and provide valuations on a wide range of property types in Edmonton and the surrounding area, such as:

  • Commercial properties
  • Industrial properties
  • Multi-family residential properties
  • Vacant development land
  • Agricultural properties
  • Single-family residential properties

Know what you need or have a question? Contact us through our quote request form or call our Edmonton area office today.

Commercial Appraisals

Our specialties include:

  • Office, Retail and Service

We work with the public and private sector, individual property owners and lenders on a variety of office, retail and service real estate valuations.

  • Industrial

From warehouses to factories and machine shops, we have experience with both owner-occupied industrial warehouse properties and multi-tenant holdings.

  • Multi-Family

Our team can help you with valuing new and existing projects in Edmonton area.

Insurance Cost Appraisals

Individual property owners, insurers and condominium corporations use insurance appraisals to assess the replacement costs to existing building improvements and property infrastructure for insurance coverage.

We can help with insurance cost appraisals to ensure you and your property are adequately protected in case of flood, fire or other disasters.

Understanding current construction costs is important to build an accurate insurance cost appraisal. Because our team works on commercial appraisals on a daily basis, we have an up-to-date understanding of building costs and are well positioned to help you.

If you’re not sure if you need an insurance cost appraisal or not, or you’re not sure what they entails, give us a call.